To apply to the risk Pool Fund you need to be a nominated project and be able to demonstrate that you have:

  • Encountered an unexpected roadblock or obstacle that will prevent them from fulfilling the impact of the original grant and,
  • A proposed discrete and lasting solution(s) which will preserve, ensure and/or restore the intended impact of the project and,
  • The capacity, knowledge and skills necessary to implement the proposed, discrete solution(s) and,
  • The ability to implement the proposed solution(s) within the timeline of the original grant, or if the project is delayed because of the roadblock within a timeline expressly understood and approved as part of the application and,
  • The ability to implement the proposed solution(s) to address the roadblock with Risk Pool Funds in the amount of $50,000 or less.

Two types of grants are available: a standard grant available to any applicant meeting the criteria. There is a maximum $50,000, one time non repayable grant. Recoverable grants are available to applicants applying under the ‘Funder Created Obstacle’ Risk Area. The grant can be used as bridging finance when secured funding is delayed. This grant is repayable, interest free within the agreed grant term. There is a maximum grant value of $50,000 and maximum term of 12 months.

The Application Process for the Risk Pool Fund


Rostered project contacts RPF Call to discuss problem & solution


Eligibility is confirmed Project is invited to apply


Application completed & submitted

Application checked & sent to External Review Panel


External Review Panel returns their recommendation


Applicants Informed