To apply to the risk Pool Fund you need to be a nominated project and be able to demonstrate that you have:

  • Encountered an unexpected roadblock or obstacle that will prevent them from fulfilling the impact of the original grant and,
  • A proposed discrete and lasting solution(s) which will preserve, ensure and/or restore the intended impact of the project and,
  • The capacity, knowledge and skills necessary to implement the proposed, discrete solution(s) and,
  • The ability to implement the proposed solution(s) within the timeline of the original grant, or if the project is delayed because of the roadblock within a timeline expressly understood and approved as part of the application and,
  • The ability to implement the proposed solution(s) to address the roadblock with Risk Pool Funds in the amount of $50,000 or less.

The Application Process for the Risk Pool Fund


Rostered project contacts RPF Call to discuss problem & solution


Eligibility is confirmed Project is invited to apply


Application completed & submitted

Application checked & sent to External Review Panel


External Review Panel returns their recommendation


Applicants Informed