The Risk Pool Fund was founded by the Eleanor Crook Foundation, Vitol Foundation, CRI Foundation, and Open Road Alliance.

The Eleanor Crook Foundation

The Eleanor Crook Foundation is a growing U.S. philanthropy committed to research, capacity building, and advocacy to end global malnutrition. The Eleanor Crook Foundation was co-founded in 1997 by Eleanor Crook and her late husband, Ambassador William H. Crook.

The Vitol Foundation

A corporate foundation that operates independently of the business interests of the wider Vitol Group. Our purpose is to fund work that directly or indirectly supports children and families living in deprivation to escape the cycle of poverty and reach their potential in life.  We invest in equitable, replicable and scalable solutions across the following sectors: Education, Enterprise & Livelihoods, Health, Humanitarian Relief and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).


A private foundation focused on connecting resources to needs.
We are aware of the need for solutions to be contextually appropriate, and geography considerate.
We work with NGOs and governments, and we work with implementers and systems-change initiators.
We are based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Open Road Alliance

Open Road Alliance is a private philanthropic initiative that serves the social sector by Keeping Impact On Track in an unpredictable world. Open Road was founded in 2012 by psychologist and philanthropist Dr. Laurie Michaels to address the need for contingency funds and the absence of risk management practices in philanthropy. ORA provide both short- and long-term solutions to unexpected challenges that arise during project implementation, so that impact and finite resources can be maximized across the social sector. To meet immediate needs, ORA  offers fast, flexible funding to nonprofits and social enterprises facing discrete, unexpected roadblocks during project implementation. 

Who can apply?

Non-profit organizations must be nominated by a Risk Pool member to be eligible to apply for funding. Risk pool members nominate organizations twice per year. Once nominated, the organization will be placed on a Roster and notified by the Risk Pool Fund Manager. If your organization has not received notification from the Risk Pool Fund, then you are not eligible to apply.


The Fund does NOT accept requests to be nominated.